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Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), Ikeja Project celebrates 1M Man-hours without LTA

Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), Ikeja Project celebrates a significant milestone in safety performance on February 21st, 2018 by achieving 1,000,000 man-hours without Loss Time Accident (LTA). This is commendable, especially considering the number and complexities of projects and activities that have been delivered successfully in the plant since 2015.

Hybrid HSE Limited began the OHSAS project in NBC in 2014, working primarily with the project team and contractors to ensure the achievement of the company’s ZERO harm objectives and target. We are very happy at this achievement, which has been possible because of the commitment of the company’s leadership to health & safety.

Present at the event yesterday, which took place within the premises of NBC Ikeja, were the plant and project management team led by the plant manager, project managers, engineering & project safety manager, supply chain service manager, plant safety manager, contractors’ top management, contractors’ workers and representatives and the OHSAS consultant. This demonstrated the team work that produced this great result.

The major highlights of the event were remarks from top management on the need to work safely, comments from contractors and presentation of awards and certificates to those who demonstrated exemplary support for the achievement of the various KBIs of the OHSAS project.

This is wishing NBC Ikeja project a sustained performance in safety management in 2018

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