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In pursuit of the quest to improve man, the human civilization and technological advancement have become more sophisticated and the risks people face have also become more complex. More than ever before, irrespective of where people are; factories, offices, homes etc., the need to be safe & protected can no longer be ignored. More so, we are in a generation where legislation and standards are getting more stringent, environmental awareness is on the increase and maintaining competitive edge is crucial to survival in business.

The requirement for technical & professional assistance to help achieve profitability within overall objectives of ensuring safety & providing quality products and services is on the increase. Proactive measures focused on plugging channels of losses by promoting the health and safety of personnel at work and reducing environmental degradation is a sure way to achieving this.



Hybrid Group of companies, a fully owned Nigerian company, is a professional organisation involved in the provision of safety, project management and allied services through its subsidiary companies: Hybrid-HSE Limited, Hybrid Leasing Services Limited, Petroshybrid Services & Solutions Limited, Hybrid Safety Training & Knowledge Centre, Hybrid-DGM Ghana Limited, DGM Supports Ghana Limited. We are dedicated to the prevention of human & assets losses and the promotion of positive occupational health, safety, security, environment and project management through provision of training, certifications, solutions & support services. Our consultants and trainers are committed to adding value to behavioral approaches. All these are geared towards supporting companies to achieving their business goals and objectives.

We are accredited & approved as a training centre for Institute of Safety and Health (IOSH) UK, National Examination Board of Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) UK, AoFAQ, UK-BISO, Highfiled Qualification (HQ) UK, DGM-IMDG/IATA & Project Management Institute (PMI) USA. We provide safety services and solutions to reduce workplace accidents and improve performance backed with many years of experience acquired in very challenging operations in the oil and gas, manufacturing, construction, transport and other sectors of the economy. It is our greatest pleasure to invite you and your organization to an experience of quality and professional services with maximum potential to enhance your productivity and keep you safe.

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Who We Are

We are a professional organisation involved in the provision of safety, project management and allied services.


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