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We are professional organisation involved in the provision safety, project management and allied services.

In pursuit of the quest to improve man, the human civilization and technological advancement have become more sophisticated and the risks people face too have become more complex. More than ever before, irrespective of where people are; factories, offices, homes etc. the need to be safe & protected can no longer be ignored.

More so, we are in a generation where legislations and standards are getting more stringent, environmental awareness is on the increase and maintaining competitive edge is crucial to survival in business.

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Vision and Mission

Our Values

The following is an outline of our core values and a statement of what is truly important to us as an organization Integrity Commitment Excellence.

Mission Statement

To utilize competence and industry through education, empowerment and innovative solutions in ensuring a safe, healthy and quality development of our stakeholders at the most effective cost, while upholding best practices and international standards.

Vision Statement

To be the foremost organisation providing effective & quality services in occupational health, safety, environment & related disciplines

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