Dangerous Occurrences in Public Places – Hybrid Group

In the management of occupational health and safety, incidents are placed in different categories. These categories are used to depict the actual and potential seriousness of these incidents. “Dangerous occurrences” is one of such categories. In some countries, there are laws that clearly define what dangerous occurrences are, the specific incidents that qualify as dangerous […]



HYBRID GROUP Kicks Off Safety Support Project at the West African Container Terminal (WACT), Onne, Rivers State

We’re excited to announce the commencement of our safety support services for the port expansion project at the West African Container Terminal in Onne, Rivers state, Nigeria. Our team will be working hand-in-hand with our client VITA to ensure the safety of workers on site and the successful completion of the project. Watch this space […]

Tanker Explosions; Why We Must Rethink Vehicle Inspection in Nigeria

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This age-old adage remains relevant to pretty much every area of human endeavour and is perhaps even more relevant to safety. It is very early in 2021 and we are unfortunately back to talking about tanker fire accidents again with Tuesday’s explosion in Abeokuta and […]



Health and Safety Behavioural Conflict (at work and off work) Part 1 – Hybrid Group

What description should be used for the behaviour of a worker in a health and safety compliant workplace but ends the day’s work to face a society with little or no health and safety culture? Can we imagine that the experience of commuting and living in a less health and safety cultured environment sometimes affect […]



Driver(s) of Workplace Health and Safety in Africa – Hybrid Group

With the “developing economy” status of some African countries, it should normally be expected that many aspects of the economies of African countries will look up to those of the developed world, with the aim of learning from ideas and principles that have been successfully implemented by these developed countries. These learnings apply to the […]



Responding to Spillage Incidents of Petroleum Products

Quite often, we hear of people attempting to scoop petrol from road tanks following a spillage accident. This usually results in the careless introduction of a source of ignition leading to an explosion. This happened on Monday in Colombia as some persons tried scooping from an overturned road tank (video below).   One of the […]

PIPER ALPHA- Continuous Lessons From The Incident – Hybrid Group

n memory of all 167 men that lost their lives in the famous Piper Alpha offshore explosion incident, today marks the 32nd year remembrance involving 226 men with 61 survivors with 30 bodies never recovered. (Photo credit: https://poundforpiper.com/32Anniversary) Lessons continue to be learnt from the incident. Some of the lessons have been instrumental in the offshore […]




The aim of safety work is not to judge people for not doing things safely, but to try to understand why it made sense for people to do what they did against the background of their engineered and psychological work environment. If it made sense to them, it will for others too. Merely judging them […]


Amidst the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we remain committed to being your one stop provider of health and safety, project management allied courses trainings and consulting services. COVID-19 pandemic will not stop our commitment to your self & professional developments that is why we are rolling out E-Learning courses and so much more. Follow us […]

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